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BloodRayne to bear all!
It's been reported on the official BloodRayne2 website that the vampire heroine of the game will become the first ever CGI character to get a pictorial in Playboy magazine next month! This coincides with the release of the game due out around the same time. Now how many of you out there are as surprised as I am that an almost virtual unknown like BloodRayne would beat game icon Lara Croft or the babes from the Dead or Alive game series to this punch?
Also to help promote the game, a remake of Evanescence's "Everybody's Fool" video is being released, featuring characters from the game and BloodRayne herself lip-synching to the song!
On a related note, Kristana Loken of Terminator 3 fame is scheduled to play the lead-role of BloodRayne herself in the upcoming movie adaptation. How's that for casting someone who's a dead ringer for the actual game character?

SNK Characters going freelance
SNK announced that they will be licensing out it's games characters to other 3rd party developers to create games with those characters. What this means is that we can expect more Capcom VS SNK type games in the future!

Coming Soon
I recently managed to finally get my hands on several new games and will have the reviews up shortly. These include Samurai Spirits Zero and Guilty Gear Isuka.


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