Jericho Cross is a small time crook with a big time problem. While trying to rob a train, instead of finding money and riches in the train's vault, he unleashes a powerful demon that was being transported by the Darkwatch, a secret organization that keeps the things that go bump in the night under it's watchful eye. Now Jericho has been infected by the darkside and is fighting to keep his humanity as he has also been drafted by the Darkwatch to help catch back the demon he released.

Darkwatch is a first-person shooting game remiscent of Halo, with alot of similarities to boot. Playing as Jericho Cross, you shoot your way through waves of undead enemies as you try to save your humanity and take out the demon that made you the way you are now.
The graphics in the game are top notch with alot of dark, gloomy backgrounds which match the grim story and mood of the game. There's a nice variety of enemies and weapons to use to send them packing, from a regulation Redeemer hand guy to a shoulder mounted rocket launcher! The enemies range from zombie cowboys and indians to show girl banshees and monstrous abominations, so the fire power really comes in handy. Your only allowed to carry two weapons at a time, so choose carefully your weapon of choice. Unfortunately, the drawback here is that no matter what weapon you have at the time, you instantly lose all you weapons when fighting the final bosses of the game and have to search around the area for weapons as they bombared you with heavy hitting attacks. In additon to blasting away at enemies, you can also conserve ammo by using your guns as weapons to club and whack away at them, which would be the general strategy for lower ranked enemies.
Overall, this is a fun game definately worth checking out if your into FPS or survival horror games. It's rated MA17 for blood, violence, foul language, and some sex!

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 8
Lifespan - 7
Overall - 7


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