First Impression: God Hand

This game can either be fun or frustrating.
The fun is in the beating up of bad guys and sending them flying across the room with powerful attacks. The frustrating part is when you constantly get killed since it doesn't really take much for the bad guys to kill you and you have to start the whole thing over from the last save point!
The graphics are really nice and detailed, on par with Resident Evil 4 even (this game is also by Capcom). I don't think I've heard any other tune in the background other than a spaghetti western theme, but the voice acting is ok as well.
Gameplay so far only seems to suffer from a lack of a target lock-on button, as enemies can sneak up on you when you concentrate your attacks on one enemy, leaving you to constantly dash around the screen to make sure no one is sneaking up on you. It's also tricky to figure out how the system works, as one minute the game tells you you've leveled up, but than suddenly you take one hit and you get leveled down! Is there supposed to be something you do to stay leveled up?
I'll definately play this one through to the end, so keep an eye out for a full review.



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