Shell Shock - Nam '76

Bored of first-person World War II shooters? How about a 3rd-person Vietnam War shooter instead? World War II shooters have been done to death, so, much like WWE angles, the gaming industry is recycling the formula but changing the settings.

The Game

You start off selecting from one of three characters. I haven't figured out the difference between them yet. Your then thrown into the war as one of a group of rookies. And like almost every other war shooter, your commanding officers notice that something special in you as you advance through the game and you go from rookie to special operative on solo stealth missions ans such.
And you actually have a main heel to go after, get this, King Cong! How original!

The game plays like a standard console shooter, meaning it would play easier if it were on a PC than an analog control pad. The usual problems arise; being acurate with a sniper riffle, running and aiming, etc.
As for your arsenal, there are a wide range of weapons, but you can only carry one main weapon and one secondary weapon at a time. But you can pick up the weapons from fallen enemies as you play through the game.
I also found kinda of a glitch with just running around! It's supposed to be a free roaming environment, yet you'll find yourself having trouble just trying to run uphill as you can only advance at predetermined points on the map! Definately a no-no. But worse then that, I found it hard just to run up stairs! I didn't know it was actually that hard to get over the top step to enter a floor! And the lack of a "jump" button on the controls don't help either.

Graphics and Sound
Graphics are the usual lush jungle backdrop with lots of the usual bland colours. The in game characters look good and detailed, though all the enemies look the same. Another thing about the graphics is that the game is supposed to depict the horrors or the war, so you run into the occasional dead body or impaled head. Unfortunately, the graphics don't do justice to the "horror" it's meant to portray and you just run past it like every other backdrop.
There isn't much music in the game, though the usual sounds of war are abundant. As well as hearing the screams of your fellow platoon as they get mowed down by enemy gunfire.

Like I mentioned above, the game tries to portray the "horrors of war", so as you advance throughout the game, you get cut-scenes of things like enemy officers commiting suicide rather than being taken prisoner, and your fellow soldiers losing their minds and executing Viet-Cong prisoners. Not a bad idea, but the graphics really aren't detailed enough to get the full effect.
Another fun bit is that in between most missions, you can roam freely around base camp to pick what weapons you'd like to bring with you. Also, as you finish missions, you get "chits", which acts like money for you to buy some unusual items like drugs (?!?) and risque pictures of girls (!) from a camp supplier. You can view the pictures of the girls you buy, but I haven't found anything really onjectable. I've also spoken to a few "Mama-sans", though I haven't really gotten anywhere with them, and I managed to buy an R&R pass, but haven't figured how to use it or what it's for >_<

In your into war games, you most definately want to try this out. Also good if you like FPS games and stealth games where the gameplay isn't as deep. Though I'm not sure what the incentive is to play the game again once you finish it since I myself haven't beaten the game yet.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 5
Lifespan - 6
Overall - 6


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You can use the R&R pass to gain access to the Mama-san's brothel at the back of the camp for some "R&R". And NO, they don't show what goes on when you enter it!

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