Evil Dead: Regeneration
The cult movie series was tailor for Survival Horror, but past attempts at making a game out of it were mostly bad to mediocre, such is the case with most games based on movies. Hopefully this latest incarnation gives Ash the justice he deserves in video game-dom.

Urban Reign
One of 4 anticipated beat 'em up games coming out. From the makers of Tekken, I'm not sure what the story behind it is, but expect alot of great action and tons of unlockables.

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance
You've been betrayed by your superiors, and now you aim to take over the streets with your fists. Select from 5 different characters as well as tons of hidden characters and other bonuses.

Big Mutha' Truckers 2
Never played the first game, but the second game is said to have a load of improvements over it. Your Ma has been put in jail and it's up to you to raise the money to bribe the members of her jury to help get her out of jail!


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