Birthday Haul

Yup, it's my birthday today, so what better way to celebrate than with a stash of new games? Here's what I got and hope to play through and review soon:

Hitman: Blood Money
The latest installment of the Hitman games, promising a more grittier storyline along with all the silent and stealthy ways to kill that we've come to love from the series.

Driver: Parallel Lines
I never finished Driv3r due to the clunky controls, hopefully this one is better control-wise, as the story of playing in two different time periods is an interesting gimmick.

Art of Fighting: Ten Chi Jin
With all the popular "best of" series and remakes coming out, I didn't think they were going to release a collection of Art of Fighting games! Now I get to play the classic Neo Geo fighters in all it's glory.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response
An interesting FPS game where you play as a member of an elite police force who are given the means to keep the peace at any means necessary. Ragdoll physics and an you get to make a reputation for yourself on the streets should make for an interesting run and gunner.


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