Here’s the thing about Black; it looks great and plays well like most FPS games on PS2, but when you beat the game, it gives a really underwhelming story, like it shouldn’t end here and there should be more.
Like I mentioned above, the game looks great. You have a good assortment of guns to deal out death and destruction, but the best part is easily the destruction! Almost everything in the game is fair game to be blown up by your firepower, and everything can be riddled with bullets. A fun thing to do is after a fierce gun battle, try looking around at all the bullet holes on the surrounding walls of the place you are hiding from. The only thing missing from the action is blood from the terrorists and baddies you shoot up.
The game gives you a fair bit of challenge, but one of the things I hate is that you can’t save from a checkpoint and continue your game later. And the missions can be very long! But not having the option to save and continue later means you could actually just finish the game in 1 afternoon. Not good for longevity since the game is also missing any multi-player options. There's still the challenge of the game itself though, as sometimes you'll find yourself unloading rounds of ammunition on enemies, yet they won't go down!
Another bad thing is you can’t skip the really bad cut scenes of the game. These aren’t the usual 3D CG cutscenes, but rather they went back and decided to use live action actors to play out the cutscenes. These things just seem to go on and on and doesn’t do anything to keep your attention even. You just sit through it waiting for the mission to start. And when you finish the game, it ending leaves you hanging. You ask yourself “That’s it?!?” It feels like there should be more to it, but looks like we have a sequel to look forward to at least.
So overall, if you like running and gunning by yourself, and can stand to sit through the cut scenes and battle through missions with plenty of challenge, then by all means check this one out. Blowing stuff up is good. Hopefully the next installment of the game will fix all the problems this one had.

Graphics – 9
Sound – 7
Gameplay – 8
Lifespan – 6
Overall – 6


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