Usually I don’t play racing games, so it has to be something different to get my attention, Enter Flatout, best described as a red-neck version of the Burnout game series!
In Flatout, you race along country areas with a distinct Southern, or red-neck, feel to them, from country roads, to construction sites, to outer city race tracks, there’s a variety of locals to challenge your racing abilities both off road and on. There’s a feel of rally racing to some of the tracks too as you kick up dirt on the back roads trying to outrace the pack and get a good finish to win prize money to upgrade your car or buy new cars.
There’s not a lot of variety to the types of cars you can get, nothing fancy like Porches or Ferraris. Instead you get muscle cars that don’t emphasize on the looks as much as their ability to take punishment as well on the dirt tracks and roads.
So what is it about Flatout that attracted me to it? The crashes! If you crash your car, you’ll fling your driver out and watch him crash in a lump on the road! This fun little reminder of why you should always remember to wear your seat belt is also used in mini games like the Long Jump where you see how far you can launch your driver, the High-Jump to see how high you can launch him, Darts where you get three shots to get the highest score possible by launching your driver at a huge board, and more! The mini games are there not just as a fun break from the main game, but help make money to upgrade your ride quicker. Apart from abusing your driver, there are also demolition derbies and short dirt track courses you can take part in to score quick cash.
The game is easy to pick up and play, though like most you’ll find the challenge in making the tight turns while you watch the CPU controlled racers just breeze past you. But winning a race isn’t impossible, as they encourage you to take out the other racers by crashing them into obstacles, and you get bonus points for this as well as build up your nitro meter!
The music is pretty good too, with licensed music from some bands I guess are hoping this game will help break them out from whatever red-neck state it is they are from. But some of it is catchy and some of it does feel out of place at times.
Overall, if your tired of racing through city streets and causing as much public disturbances as possible, try taking this ride out in the country and causing mayhem like your one of the Dukes of Hazzard!

Graphics – 7
Sound – 7
Gameplay – 8
Lifespan – 7
Overall – 8


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