Bargain Bin Deals

While there have been several a lot of new games coming out in the past month, none of them have really caught my attention to warrant purchasing. To that end I've scoured the bargain bins of several game shops and came up with the following games:

Cy Girls
An adventure game featuring characters based on a line of dolls from Japan made by TAKARA. This is a double disc game and each disc features a different Cy Girl, Ice, a blonde bombshell, and Aska, a ninja girl. Check back soon for my review.

Game based on a Japanese anime series, with a story similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. I personally have not watched any of the anime, but I have an interest to. Maybe this game will push me to check it out?

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2
Yeah, I'm a life long Ultraman fan. So when you can pick this up at a bargain bin price, why not? I'm not expecting a deep fighting game system like the Tekken or Soul Calibur series of games, but I don't really care.


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