Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

If your into midevil fantasy hack'n'slashers where you get to mindlessly slash away at waves of enemies, than this is probably the game for your.
You play as one of four selectable warriors and your on a quest to rid the land of the Seven Sorrows of the King, or something like that as I wasn't paying much attention to the boring storyline cut scenes. Up to four players can go at it simulatinously, just like in the classic arcade game.
But the whole thing just comes off as rather redundant: Clear an area of enemies to find the key, move to the next area and repeat till you reach the boss and complete the level.
They'll be a lot of enemies coming at you at once and regenerate until you destroy the generators in the level that regenerate them. You don't get big waves of enemies like in the Dynasty Warriors games, but they all go down rather easilly.
You also have magic spells and can buy new moves before the start of each level with the gold you pick up during battles from smashing crates and such, but you'll easilly find that slashing away with the same one-button 3-slash combo is enough to get the job done. Boss battles can be tough, but again, there's almost no strategy involved in those either.
Overall, if you like spending your afternoons hacking away mindlessly at waves of enemies, this might be the game for you, but there are games available that do a better job like say Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Devil Kings. So Try before you Buy.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 5
Lifespan - 5
Overall - 5


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