We Love Katamari!

The sequel to one of my favorite games from last year, while bringing back many of the fun elements of the original just seems to get tired rather quickly for me.
While the main story of the first game involved putting the stars back into the sky, the second game is a direct follow up, whereas you have to please the millions of Katamari fans on Earth by rolling up katamaris of things they ask for. So instead of just rolling up the biggest Katamari you can in the time limit given, some missions will require you to be specific, like rolling up the biggest of a certain object, like say a cow, but you have to make your Katamari big enough without tagging any other cows so you can tag the biggest one.
The game still retains its trademark cartoonish look and humor, as well as a really excellent soundtrack to which you can now choose which track you want to hear before the mission starts. Your also not just stuck with the tiny prince as a playable character, but other characters can also be unlocked for play in the game if you can find them and snatch them in your Katamari during the various missions.
Another thing is that the game never really seems to end. Once you finish the main story and the ending credits go by, the game continues on replaying the same missions, but with different objectives than previously, so you’ll probably be playing the game longer if you are that big of a Katamari nut.
Overall, even if they did retain the fun of the original, I found myself getting past this one rather quickly and moving on to whatever was next. It’s probably something to play for a laugh when you have friends over, but gets rather tired and redundant easily when on it’s own.

Graphics – 8
Sound – 10
Gameplay – 7
Lifespan – 6
Overall – 7


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