Shadow of the Colossus

This game is a simply INCREDIBLE work of art! I’ve played a lot of games this year, but so far nothing has quite impressed me as Shadow of Colossus has!
The story of the game is that you play the role of a young warrior who enters a forbidden shrine to seek help from the spirits trapped there to bring this girl back to life. In return for the deed, he has to slay the 16 colossi spread throughout the land. Remember the Titan in God of War with the temple on his back you had to climb? Now imagine a whole game where your objective is hunt down and defeat 16 of those huge monsters all by yourself!
As soon as the game starts your drawn into the story and the simply BEAUTIFUL graphics of the land you run around in, and that’s NOTHING compared to the HUGE colossus you have to battle when you first encounter them! You will be simply amazed at the detail that goes into creating these huge beasts and impressed with the lack of ANY loading time in the game once you get started. Every colossus has its own distinct look and attack pattern, and it can be a challenge in itself to figure out how to beat them.
Your armed only with a sword and a bow & arrow set to defeat the colossi, and they all have one weak point you have to find on their body to attack and damage them. And it’s a task in itself to get to that weak point once you find it as you’ll always have to find a way to mount the giants and climb or crawl to the weak spot so you can stab it with your sword repeatedly to finally drop the goliaths. Some of them will require you to find more than one weak spot to assault, but you’ll always be in for a heck of a ride as hitting these vital areas will cause the colossi to shake and jerk around in an effort to throw you off. I’m just surprised none of them have to brains to swat at you with their titanic hands.
Battling the colossi are one thing, but just finding them can be a task in itself. They are scattered throughout the HUGE environment, and all you have to find them is your sword which also acts as a compass to reflect the sunlight and guide you in the direction you need to go. This one part of the game can sometimes feel frustrating as you’ll find yourself running in circles trying to find a way to go in the direction indicated by the light beam.
Other than that, this game is actually quite short and most gamers could probably finish it in a couple of days. But finishing the game unlocks the Hard mode, as well as a time attack mode meaning you can go back and battle each colossi again without playing the game all over again.
If your looking for a truly unique gaming experience, than I highly recommend adding this to your game collection. This is the type of game every gamer needs to play and experience.

Graphics – 10
Sound – 9
Gameplay – 9
Lifespan – 9
Overall – 10


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