Demolition Girl

There are only two reasons for when I get a review of a new game out this quickly: 1) The game is too short, and 2) The game SUCKS. Demolition Girl falls along these lines.
Rina Futube is a bikini model who comes in contact with some strange alien jellyfish like thingy, the result of this contact turns our idol into a 50-foot clueless bikini-clad giant. The game involves you taking the controls of several military vehicles to keep her in check as she roams the city and country side, problem is, the whole game plays out in six very short missions, to which you could probably beat the game in an hour or two tops. Here's a rundown of the six missions.
Mission 1: Piloting a helicopter, you have to scan Rina and collect data. Meaning you fly around her and fire a scan beam at her various body parts in a certain time limit.
Mission 2: Again in a chopper, you fly around Rina shooting her with aesthetic to put her to sleep. Again, shooting specific body parts in a time limit.
Mission 3: Aliens attacking the choppers transporting the giant sleeping model. Take control of a fighter plane and shoot down a certain number of aliens.
Mission 4: Aliens have taken control of Rina, and it's your job to pilot a chopper and attack the alien symbiote attached to her head.
Mission 5: Chasing her in a Tank, you have to slow her down as she races to the city to buy time for the city to evacuate.
Mission 6: She's climbing up a tall building being drawn to an alien at the top. Fire the antidote at her to shrink her back down to size while avoiding the alien's attacks, than take out the alien itself to win the game.
Overall, the game is just really short and without any additional bonuses like the option of free roaming the city as Rina to wreak havoc severely limits any long term fun with this one.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 5
Sound - 5
Gameplay - 4
Lifespan - 2
Overall - 3


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