Magna Carta - Tears of Blood

A Korean made RPG game.
The world is divided into two dominant races: Humans and the Yason, and a war for dominance between the two sides continues to rage on. Our hero is Calintz, leader of a mercenary group called the Tears of Blood, who specialize in secret and sometimes suicidal missions for the human side.
The main story of the game is really interesting, and good enough to keep you hooked to play through, but it's the playing through it part that might make things hard on players.
For instance, during battles, you have 3 people from your party active, but only ONE of them can attack. You have to wait for this timer to count down and only than can you attack your enemies, who have to go through the same process. What this leads to is some unnescessarily long battles since it's more like a one-on-one fight, only your one guy has to take out all the bad guys with your only switching attacking characters when you run out of chi or the elemental the other character represents does more damage.
And when not in battles, running around the huge areas, they actually give you bad camera angles! The battles in the game are optional as you can see the enemies on the screen, and choose to engage them in battle to level up your characters, or just skip by them and run when they look the other way. However, you have no control over the camera, so at times you can't even see what's in front of you as you traverse the environment.
I will give this game points for an interesting storyline, and some good graphics. But it loses out on the voice acting as it's really bad in places, sounding very robotic and scripted.
Overall: This is a passable RPG, and the first I've gotten into since Shadow Hearts: Covenant last year, so you can tell there are some good points to it. If you can stand the bad cameras and bad voices, as well as the battles, you could probably get into this one.

Game Rating:
Graphics - 7
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 6
Lifespan - 6
Overall - 6


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