Devil Kings

Capcom takes a page from the hugely successfull Dynasty Warriors game franchise. Now while the game does the series it steals from some justice by emulating it well, but it comes up just a bit short in the end.
You start off with a hand full of larger than life characters to choose from with more to be unlocked as you play the game. So pick you character, watch a nicely done CG movie scene, than it's off to battle as you tear through hordes of enemies as a one man/woman wrecking crew.
The only problem is the insane difficulty of the game, where you can thrash enemy soldiers easilly enough, but it only takes a few odd hits to kill you, or in the case of the bosses, just one combo can all but wipe out your life meter with you not even able to get a hit on the guy.
The characters you get to choose from are also a weird bunch. Ranging from your standard hero, to a femme fetale, to a guy wieldinf a HUGE axe! Some other oddities I found in the game is why the heck a feudal-Japan era warlord would be speaking with a TEXAS accent? Bizzare indeed, but than again most of the voices sound really out of place anyway.
If you really like an uphill challenge, or are a sucker for punishment, than you just might want to check this out. This really would have been a fun game if not for the difficulty of it, as playing on Easy setting is almost TOO EASY.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 8
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 6
Lifespan - 5
Overall - 5


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