Time Splitters: Future Perfect

Usually I don't play first-person shooters on console games unless it's something really good. Time Splitters: Future Perfect is a good example of this as it's been getting rave reviews all over the place, so much so that after seeing reviews of the game I decided to check it out for myself and didn't regret it.
The main story of the game sees you play as Cortez, a Vin Diesel look-a-like who's also one of the best soldiers of a human resistance force against the Splitters, and alien race bent on mankind's extinction. As Cortez, you travel back in time to stop the invasion of the Splitters and your adventure takes you to several time periods from World War 2 to a Terminator like future run by robots. The cutscenes in the story mode can be quite funny as Cortez makes his way to achieving his mission and working together with the likes of an Austin Powers like spy from the '70s, an android that develops an attitude after being infected by a virus, a spunky teenage girl as you romp through a zombie infested mansion, and other zany characters which you can unlock and play as in the other game modes as you progress.
And in addition to the main story mode, there are a ton of various other game modes to play through as well to unlock more hidden stuff in the game, which easily lenghtens the lifespan of the single player mode for those of you who can't play online with others. Game modes include an arcade mode where you can play against CPU controlled players, or in the League mode where you can beat various CPU controlled characters to get the top score. There is also a Challenge mode where you play a variety of weird mini games like zombie monkey beheading, monkey diso and sport of kings, MONKEY CURLING! All in an attempt to complete the full game and unlock all the hidden characters and cheats in the game.
I've completed the story mode as well as completed many of the League challenges and misc challenges in the game, but my stats say I've only complete about 33% of the game!
Everything else about the game is also nicely done. The characters graphics are really good for an FPS game as you can see good details in the character design both during gameplay and the cutscenes. It's also good the game doesn't slow down when you have about a dozen characters on screen at once. The audio is also really good with great voice acting and background music. I'm surprised they didn't get any big name actors to voice the game's many characters.
Overall, I highly recommend Time Splitters: Future Perfect if your looking for a good FPS game for your PS2. You can't go wrong with this one.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 9
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 8
Lifespan - 8
Overall - 8


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