First Impression: Tony Hawk's Project 8

I was a big fan when the Tony Hawk games first came on on PS1 and Sega Dreamcast back in the day, but lost interest slightly as the series dragged on due to the sheer redundancy of it all. Well, surprise surprise, there's a new Tony Hawk game out now, and I decided to give it a shot since it boasted of being slightly more realistic than the previous games.
The main story of the game sees the player as an up and coming skateboarder, looking to gain enough recognition to qualify and be selected for Hawk's Project 8 project. You do that by going through multiple areas and doing tricks to get noticed and rise up the ranks.
Reality once again gets kicked to the curb as you defy gravity and jump, flip, kick and grind all over the place to accomplish your goals. I may be a long fan of the series, but I'm not one of those players who've mastered every trick there is in the games and some of the tricks here just seem frustratingly near impossible for a novice gamer. And in a sense your forced to keep trying to get the trick right as you'll need to pull off a certain number of tricks to unlock the next area.
You get to create your own skater for the story mode, but I found the choices to be really limited. You get to choose from 3 different bodies, which also represent different styles, but I didn't like that they give you so few choices of how you get to make your character look. About 5 different face choices, and you can't customise anything like the type of goatee, and some really lousy hair choices and your better off just going bald. And your stuck with altering your character only with clothes & accessories that go with the skate style you selected. In other words, punkers can't wear hip hop bling, hipsters can't wear punk chokers and spikes, and etc.
If your in this for the gameplay, than you should already know what to expect. They did add something new elements to the gameplay for pulling off tricks though, like using both analog sticks to spin your board in mid-air for certain tricks.
I'll probably play more of this once I finish Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. So keep checking this space.



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