BloodRayne shares the goods!

Looks good don't she? That's BloodRayne's picture from her Playboy spread! But before any of you guys get the wrong idea, I found this picture on YAHOO NEWS. So don't bug me about being a perv!
Appearantly Ms. Rayne isn't the only game gal giving up the goods. She's sharing the spread with several other games babes, including Daisy of Rumble Roses, fellow she-vamp, Tala from the upcoming Darkwatch game, Mileena from Mortal Kombat, Kurenai from Red Ninja, Ayane from Dead or Alive (I would have preferred Tina), and an un-named character from the upcoming Sims clone, Playboy: The Mansion.
NO, pictures of the other game gals weren't included in the article. So just enjoy BloodRayne.


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