Waiting for the Rumble

Silent Hill 4...........Check
King of Colosseum 2.....Check
Galactic Wrestling......Check
BloodRayne 2............Check
WWE Smackdown! VS RAW...Check

Basically, that's my list of my most anticipated games of the year thus far and I already have them. So what's at the top of my most anticipated list now? When I think about it, it's most probably Konami's all girl wrestling game, Rumble Roses!

And not just because the game looks great with a bevy of hot babe wrestlers, but because they are actually working to make it a descent wrestling game with a proper game engine to run on. Heck, I heard the career/story mode could have up to thirty hours of gameplay alone! Unfortunately, the game isn't due for release until February 2005!

If you've never seen the game before, click the link below to visit the official Japanese site and go to the movies section (second option on the bottom row of purple buttons) to download 3 AWESOME promo videos of the game, with footage of the gameplay. One look at these videos (which also have a catchy tune to them), and I'm sure yor interest will peak like mine in anticipation of the game!

Rumble Roses official site


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