Your a one man demolition crew! But this is not an action game...

The Game
In Detonator, your a demolition expert given the task of demolishing buildings by taking out their supports with strategically placed charges.
You accomplish this by trying to arrange blocks and fit them inside different sized grids. Your given a set number of moves and pieces you can use to accomplish your goal. It's kinda like one of those chinese IQ puzzles where you have to fit a jigsaw type puzzle into a small frame.
And if you meet the quota here, you get to see a building get blown up and levelled to the ground.

Nothing really special. Just select the piece you want to use from the sidebar and place in the grid, rotating if nescessary to fit it in. Doesn't get any easier to control than this.

Graphics & Sound
Ok, it doesn't really look like anything a PSOne couldn't pull off, and the same goes for the 3D footage of the building when it gets blown up.
But the in game music is really good though. Very relaxing despite the fact your trying to demolish a building. The robotic female voice tends to get annoying after a while though.

There are several different game modes aside from the main game, these usually involve some gimmicked version of the main game like additional odd-shaped pieces you can use, or the ability to pull of chain detonations and such.

Definately recommended for fans of puzzle games. The only complaint I have is that it sure takes a while to load, and the fact you have to wait for a continue screen to load in before you can continue really slows things down.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 4
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 7
Lifespan - 5
Overall - 5


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