Resident Evil: Outbreak

With Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2 coming out soon, I knew I had to finally get around to playing the english version of this game!

The Game
We all know that the Resident Evil series single handedly put the survival horro genre on the map, with it's mix of puzzling solving and zombie blasting gameplay, and deep storyline which advances with each new game in the series.
This time, the story strays from the path as you play as one of eight different indivuduals, each with their own pros and cons, as you once again fight to stay alive and escape the now zombie infested town of Racoon City.
Another difference from the other games in the series is that the missions here aren't really connected, and feel more like episodes of a TV series. Each character may have a different path depending on the mission, but otherwise everything is about the same.

The game pretty much plays like the rest of the games in the series save for a few tweaks to help cater to the online mode. Using the right analog stick you can "talk" with your team mates using a handful of simple terms like "yes","no","help","over here" etc.
Veteran gamers should easilly get the hang of the few new controls added. Also welcomed to the gamesplay finally is the ability to defend yourself with hand to hand weapons, and some characters can kick or tackle zombies. This helps to conserve ammo, but most of the time you'd feel safer just blowing off zombie heads than laying the smack down on their candy @$$es.

Graphics and Sound
Graphics are beautiful and detailed, and at times there can be dozens of zombies on screen without any slowdown. The problem of the bad camera angles are still here, but veteran players should have learned to live with it by now. Being able to control the camera would have been a nice help though.
Like most horror games, there isnt much music in the game unless something is about to happen to help set the mood. The cracter voices are nicely done, but sound robotic at times.

As mentioned before, this game sways away from the regular story, and you get points after you complete missions. How much you get usually depends on how many survivors there are, how fast it took to finish the level, zombies shot, etc. You can then use these points to buy tons of hidden stuff like additional costumes for your characters, CG art, music and more. Fun stuff.

OverallThis game will easilly appeal to survival horror fans and Resident Evil fans alike. And should be an entertaining romp for those with PS2 online access. If you don't have this yet, it might be a good idea to get it now to help prepare you for File 2 when it comes out.

Game Ratings
Graphics - 8
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 7
Lifespan - 7
Overall - 7


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