Outlaw Golf 2


The Game

The zany Outlaw cast are back in their second run at the rich-man’s sport of golf! Basically, about everyone from the original as well as Outlaw Beach Volleyball have been brought back here to duke it out on the links in a wide range of bizarre golf locations to test your skills with a 9-Iron.
If there was ever a game based on the Adam Sandler golf movie, Happy Gilmore, THIS would be it!

Like the previous game and the Tiger Woods game, you control your swings by using the analog sticks, and not used the well timed button presses like the old-school games. This makes it easier to hit your target and not miss a shot like the old-system for playing golf games. The analog controls also aren’t as sensitive as the Tiger Woods games, which is a welcomed relief since the risk of your analog stick veering slightly wont effect the direction of your hit.
Other improvements include the size of the game; instead of three courses like the first game, there are now eight not-so PGA approved courses.
Several play modes are available (Tour, Exhibition, etc), but there is the fun bonus of tweaking the rules of the game! For example, setting the rules to “Baseball” means it counts the score like a baseball game; a par is a single run, a birdie is a double run, a bogey is an out, etc. There are THIRTEEN different rules sets to choose from, so it helps keep the game fresh and challenging.

Graphics & Sound

The characters all have been given a facelift and all look great compared to the first game, and even the Volleyball game. The characters all retain their distinctive styles and the voice acting isn’t bad either. Beating courses in Tour mode will also unlock new outfits for your characters, in addition to bonus points to add to your character’s attributes as well as new, better golf clubs to use.
I REALLY like the soundtrack! Golf is usually about concentration in silence, but the rock to hip-hop sounds of the background music actually blend well and help get you into the groove of the game. There are even bonus tracks to unlock as you beat courses in the Tour mode.
Like I said before, the voices are nicely done and fit each character well when they speak. But the comedian announcer gets redundant really quick, so it’s better to switch his voice off after a while to save on the loading time in between shots. It's also interesting to note that while there is crowd noise to cheer or boo you on, you won't actually see any of them unlike the last game.

Beating the Tournament circuit and Range challenges in this game is a MUST or your stuck with just four characters to play with. The game also does indeed get harder the further you advance, so be sure to hone your skills before taking on the harder challenges cause the CPU will start to put on near FLAWLESS execution in swings, and you’ll at least need to tie them to beat them.
It’s also good that each character has their own path to go through in Season mode. Meaning the road they take varies in courses, challenges and rules, unlike the first game where everyone had to beat the same courses and challenges.

If your composure is down, you can instantly fill it up by beating the crap out of your caddy. You need to earn tokens first though, best way is by getting a birdie. It's too bad they couldn't come up with a fighting engine like in Outlaw Volleyball.

For those of you who hate golf games, this is something different that you should check out! If you loved the movie Happy Gilmore, this is something you should DEFINITELY check out! Fans of regular golf games will also love the oddball style of this one compared to that of regular golf games.

Graphics – 8
Sounds – 9
Gameplay – 8
Lifespan – 8
Overall - 8


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