Holiday Season Gaming

I just bought a bunch of new games yesterday. May not be able to play them or review them in time before the new year, but here are some short previews.

- A new entry into the survival horror genre, but said to be more action based. But hey, anytime you use a Japanese horror theme (think Fatal Frame 2), you can't really go wrong and will definately be in for a frightfull time!

Viewtiful Joe 2
- I haven't even played part 1! Should also be another fun beat 'em up that I have high expectations for. Maybe Capcom will put Joe in a future fighting game?

James Bond 007: Rogue Agent
A highly acclaimed first person shooter game where you play as the heel agent instead! TenzanTeam2K recommended this to me awhile back, and it should be good.

Miami Vice
Honestly, how many of you played GTA:Vice City and thought it would have been perfect for this 80's TV show? I'm not expecting this to be a classic, but should be good after the dissapointing GTA:San Andreas.

Pool Shark 2
- I normally play alot of snooker and pool online using Real Arcade. This game gets my interest a bit since it's not a regular pool game. Here you have characters with attitude to play as, and should be interesting to see how it stands out.


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