Godzilla - Save The Earth

City stompin’ time!

The Game
The big nuclear powered lizard that has been terrorizing Japan for about fifty years now is said to be going into retirement with the release of his latest movie, Godzilla: Final Wars. So somebody saw it fit to make a big ol’ beat ‘em game based on the big guy with a host of other city stomping monsters that he’s done battle with throughout his career. That’s right, this is more or less a one-on-one beat ‘em up as you pit giant monsters in a city type backdrop and let them literally tear the town apart as they battle for dominance.
The best way to describe the game is (insert name of 3D fighter here) but with giant monsters instead. You have a handful to select from at the start, but more become unlockable as you play through the game.

Your controls are fairly simple: punch, kick, swing of a tail (if any), grab/throw, block, jump and special attack. You could pull off some combos by chaining different button combinations together, but it really plays more like a bash all the buttons kinda game with no real strategy to it. At least that’s what it feels like to me.
Nice touch being if you shoot a beam attack, you can control the direction and aim with the right analog stick. So you can try to shoot around to cause as much damage to the city as possible, or try to hit air-born targets out of the sky.
One problem is that it’s not a free roaming environment. There are limits to how far you can move around the screen. More freedom to roam would have been nice, and I bet Godzilla wouldn’t be such a problem if they actually developed the laser barriers like the one in the game that stops you from leaving the area your fighting in.

Graphics & Sound
The cities are nice and detailed, and everything in the background can be destroyed by stomping them, picking up buildings as weapons, tossing your opponents on or through them, or just blasting them with you beam attack if you have one.
The monsters themselves look rather cartoony, even the more serious ones from later in the series. They all look OK, but rather small on screen due to the destroyable environment.
Audio is classic Godzilla-orchestra fare with the actual monster growls and screams added to the game.

The points you earn as you play the game can be used to purchase extras and bonus stuff like hidden monsters, concept art and screen shots from the making of the latest movie. Personally, I would have preferred movie clips or trailers or something instead of just still shots.

Add this to the list of other Godzilla games that bombed. It was a good idea, but this is really forgettable, you might even stop playing it after the first game since it’s so repeatative! Maybe only kids or a true hardcore Godzilla fan or collector might look into this.

Game Ratings:
Graphics – 7
Sound – 7
Gameplay – 5
Lifespan – 4
Overall – 4


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