Gettin' ready to Rumble!

Just got my hands on some new games last night, so here are some quick previews.

The Rumble Fish
A new 2D fighter from SEGA/Sammy. Featuring a very interesting graphics style similar to Guilty Gear but with some details added like damage to clothes and armour being carried over to the next fight and so. And an interesting cast of characters to choose from. I haven't played this one since my last trip to KL where I played it at an arcade there, so I'm looking forward to putting some proper time into it now.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Sam Fisher is back! The latest game in the Splinter Cell series and arguably the best stealth game series in the market today (take THAT Metal Gear fans!). I never got to finish the first two since they were just so huge and challenging, but I'll definately give this one a whirl and let you guys know what I think.

God of War
A midevil slasher game. I'm not sure what the details are, but it's said to be one of those gore-fest action adventure games with Prince Of Persia style gameplay. More info when I review the game.


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