February Previews

Nina Williams: Death By Degrees
- The Tekken spin off featuring the femme fetale of the series in her very own game. Using the dynamic control system first introduced in the Jet Li game last year, and mixed in with Metal Gear style stealth tactics, this is set to be a game that plays as good as it looks. And DAMN does Nina look good here!

The Punisher
- The movie wasn't perfect, and we all know about the curse that plagues games based on comics or movies. But the new PS2 Punisher has been getting good reviews from everywhere else lately. It's a third-person shooter/adventure game with alot of gunplay as would be expected from the guy with the skull logo shirt. Hopefully I'll find it as enjoyable as everyone else.

Shadow of Rome
- Gladiator fans rejoice! Capcom's long awaited Roman adventure is here! An adventure game where you play as 2 very different characters, a gladiator and a thief (I think), as the two of them work together to try and escape from the Roman colosseum. Mix of stealth and hack 'n' slash elements, and hopefully this game lives up to the hype.


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