A Haunting good time in May!

It's gonna be a frightening month of May as I've picked up not one, not two, but three horrific titles to play! So here are the quick previews for you to look forward to:

Haunting Ground
Fiona awakes to find herself trapped in a huge castle, with only a dog named Hewie to aid her as she searches for the way out while being chased by the tenants of the castle.
Borrowing elements from Clock Tower (being stalked) and RE: Outbreak (team work via commands), this latest title from Capcom looks to be really interesting and a change of pace from the zombie blasting Resident Evil type games.

Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2
Look! Elephant! The further adventures of the survivors from the first Outbreak game as they work together to find a way to escape the zombie infested Racoon City!

Predator: Concrete Jungle
Not exactly survival horror, but the ugly alien hunter is back as he takes on the city streets with all his Predator weapons and abilities in tack. The game is almost like Spider-man 2, except in this one your objective is to hunt and kill instead of recue and protect!


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