First Impression: Driver - Parallel Lines

Driver 2 was one of my favorite PS1 games and should be noted that they were doing the GTA car jacking thing in a wide city setting before GTA3 came around. I liked Driv3r, but I never got around to finishing it due to losing interest after getting stuck repeating the same mission over and over that I could't beat due to the clunky controls of the on foot missions (I could swim in the water if I fell out of my boat, but for some reason my character was incapable of pulling himself out of water!)

Now comes the latest installment in the Driver game series from Atari, with the added gimmick of playing in 2 different timelines (the '70s and '90s), to which you will notice the difference in details of the city and the vehicles you can drive in these two time frames. I'm still playing through the '70s part of the game, but there are already a few small problems I have with the overall gameplay experiace that I expect won't change when I enter the '90s era bit of the game.
For example, while you have the option to jump from one garage to another to help you move around the city faster, there's always a bit of driving you have to do from the garage to the mission location, and just getting there can be frustrating as you have to deal with traffic that moves at an unforgivingly slow pace that your forced to jump lanes and cut past everyone and risk getting chased by the cops.
You'd also think that since the story of the game is that you do these missions to make money that they'd actually give you some money when you complete a mission! Instead, your left to wander the city looking for odd jobs like street racing, loan shark debt collecting and others to make a buck so you can upgrade your vehicles.
The on foot missions still haven't improved much either as your faced with enemy gunmen who NEVER miss and you find yourself running back and forth from where you left off to back to where you found your last unused health kit as a shoot out with just 1 person is likely to drain a huge amount of your health.

All these problems aside, I still find myself compelled to play through some more, so expect my full review of the game soon.


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