Sporty Previews

Outlaw Tennis
After seemingly taking forever, the Outlaw crew's rendition of the sport of Tennis is finally out! I've always liked the twists in the Outlaw sports series and have been anticipating this one since it was first announced a long ways back. Hopefully now that I have it in my hands it will deliver the same fun of the previous Outlaw games.

The Hustle: Detroit Streets
An interesting take on pool as you go around from club to club making a name for yourself as the best pool player in Detroit.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
OK, this isn't a sport game, but a collection of the Street Fighter Alpha or Zero games; including Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2: Gold, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Super Gem Fighter. Expect arcade perfect translations of the games as well as a few hidden surprises in there, and we have a dream come true for Street Fighter Alpha fans like myself.


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