Destroy All Humans 2: Make War, Not Love

I really enjoyed the first game, but the second game just seems to be lacking something? Crypto complains openly throughout the game about all the odd-job missions he has to do that doesn't involve destroying all humans, and I tend to agree with it at times since there are a lot of missions that involve running around and gathering info before you can start raising Hell with your laser gun. Heck, the anal probe doesn't play as significant a role as the last game.
Graphics-wise, Crypto looks great, but all the human characters are very bland looking and simple color swaps of each other. At least they change the characters up depending on which country your in. The voice acting is an easy 10 hands down. All the trademark humor from the first game is here and amplified with various spoofs, parodies, and innuendos.
The game plays much like the first game as far as the controls go. You can actually bodysnatch a human and use "Free Love" to mind wipe everyone who sees you so as to not raise the alert of the area. I still wish he could actually fly with his jetpack instead of just get an extended boost with it.
Overall: If you liked the first game, you definately will want to check this one out, same if your into those free roaming adventure genre type games. The laughs alone make it all worth it. The only small flaw would be in the lifespan of the game as it ends rather quickly and doesn't really take much effort to get 100% completion.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 8
Sound - 10
Gameplay - 8
Lifespan - 7
Overall - 7



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