Wrestle Angels Survivor 2 - PS2

Wrestle Angels Survivor is an interesting take on pro-wrestling games, where they mesh it together with popular Japanese dating sim games as well as Pokemon-esque card battles to simulate matches. The main premise of the game is you manage a small wrestling promotion, training and scouting talent, putting on shows and managing your finances to build up your promotion. Treat your girls right and you might hit it off with one of them in the end. That's right, you can live out your fantasy of hitting on Aja Kong without fear of eating a spinning backfist when she rejects you.

The problem here is that the game is very text heavy, so it's required you know a fair bit of Japanese if you plan on getting past the Management mode. I'm still trying to figure out the card battles as even though I pull a bigger card than my opponnent, I still lose out. I know it has something to do with the type of move, difficulty in execution, and whether the move matches the style of your wrestler, ie. powerhouse workers aren't too good with flying attacks, technical wrestlers are good at counters and submissions, etc.

Initially the game looks good, even if the matches aren't animated. You get a nice looking picture of the wrestlers who are facing off, but when actually pulling off moves, they instead use a generic looking pair in a still frame, and just alter the color of their hair and outfit to match the selected wrestlers, but the actual details of their outfits and such aren't there. I would have preffered if they could actually have added the details here. All the girls are voiced, and it seems like they do a passable job of it.

I'm not sure if there are any unlockable wrestlers, but there's a decent amount of wrestlers to choose from and match types to play without going through the main game. You'll never see an english version of the game, but hopefully someone picks up on the concept as it looks like a fun engine for pro-wrestling management game.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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