Ikkitousen - Eloquent Fist (PSP)

A beat 'em up game based on the popular fanservice anime, and they more or less follow the same priciple of the anime. You pick a fighter and fight through 7 stages in various locales earning experiance points to level up your character along the way. All the major characters from the series are here and playable, and they each have their own fight style to change up the difficulty for each character.

Your probably wondering if the game follows up the fanservice of the series? If you lose a life, an eye catch is shown of your character getting their clothes torn, but nothing too explicit. Same applies when you beat a boss with a special attack. Beat the arcade mode with a character and you unlock their gallery as well as the option to play through the game with your characters wearing bikinis or swimsuits. Nothing much else.

Overall, there is replay value to unlock all the galleries and hidden characters, but nothing much else. The game doesn't even have multi-player, but it is a good effort to bring back the old school 2D side scrolling beat'em ups.

Overall Rating: 6/10



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