Saw the PS3, wasn't impressed.

So I went to the Sony Bravio Road Show at Imperial Mall last night to check out the PS3 in action, and I was less than impressed with the big black box. For starters, they only had one system on display and they were playing (I think) Ridge Racer 7, which really doesn't show off much of the system's abilities other than the motion sensor controller. I wasn't really all that impressed with the graphics either. Big whoop for lighting. Even worse is that they were there to promote the PS3, but the people there had no idea what to talk about the system. They didn't know the specs other than it was HD compatible with all the big TVs they were pushing, they had no idea when the Malaysian version would be release, or a price tag, and they weren't too sure about the online functions either other than it can connect to your network via Bluetooth. They really need to be more knowledgeable when it comes to their products, and I think they also drop the ball in regards that they were pushing Blu-Ray, digital cameras, video camcorders and MP3 players, but nowhere to be found was the PSP! Big missed opportunity considering all the upgrades it's supposed to be getting in the near future.
Heck, I went to Bintang Plaza after that and the video game shop where I get a lot of my games had a PS3 on display too with the new Gundam game on. The price has supposedly been slashed down to about 2-grand from the RM3600 price it originally started out as, which is progress but still costs too much and there still is NOTHING announced for the system I want to play.


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