First Impression: .hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth

If online MMORPGs are really like this, than I guess I'm not missing much. I thought this was gonna be an all out RPG, but it feels more like a hack-n-slasher with RPG elements. There's also a TON of cut scenes to get through for the main story and I find myself mostly skipping them cause the voice acting does get rather annoying at times, and there are certain team mates I really wish I could PK in this game cause they come off as really pathetic at times.
The game also can't seem to make up it's mind about how the graphics look. In the cut scenes, it's very clear that they use cell-shaded CGs, but the actual game graphics aren't as impressive.
I don't know how long it will take to beat this game, but I'm about 10-hours in and it still seems like the introduction stages of the game. You know your goal, but it seems like your a long way from getting there. I'll stick it out for a bit to see how it goes, if not, I might switch over to Final Fantasy XII or Kingdom Hearts 2 or something.



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