God of War

Kratos is a man on a mission! The cursed warrior is on the hunt for Aries, the God of War! The story is really simple, Kratos sold his soul to Aries, and now regrets it and wants Aries’ head on a silver platter as the Gods of Olympus acquire his services to save Rome from Aries’ wrath.
At first I was gonna write this off as a Prince of Persia clone, but after playing it awhile I was totally sucked into to the incredible story the game was telling, add to the easy pick up and play control scheme.
First off, this game looks AWESOME. Everything about this game looks good, from the detailed backgrounds to the awesomely rendered characters and enemies. I really can’t describe just how epic some of the characters in the game are, like the huge three headed hydra boss of the first level, to the equally titanic minotaur and Aries himself. Heck, one whole level is played in Pandora’s Temple, which is located on the back of a wandering Titan in the desert! The camera angles also do a good job of representing the size aspect of these huge monsters you have to face.
And then there are the regular enemies you have to fight. In addition to demonic zombies and archers, there are a wide variety of enemy characters to get past like ogres, Cyclops, centaurs, and harpies. And did I mention this game has boobies? Yup! The ladies in this game give out the goods!
But Kratos has more than a few weapons up his arsenal to battle Aries’ hordes. He’s got two magical swords chained to his arms that he can slash away with from the start, and he can pick up additional weapons and magic attacks presented to him by various mythological Gods along the way. When you beat enemies, you get spirit orbs which you can use to power up your weapons and magic attacks to make them stronger and learn new attacks, kinda like Onimusha. And the variety of attacks you can pull off range from easy to expert, so practically anyone can pick up and play this game.
The game is definitely challenging, not just the enemies you have to fight, but some of the puzzles you need to solve to advance could have you scratching your head for a bit.
Overall, this is highly recommended as it ranks as one of the overall best games I have ever played since the first PS2 Prince of Persia game. A great adventure, tons of violence, and some boobs on the side equal a must play game!

Graphics – 10
Sound – 10
Gameplay – 9
Lifespan – 9
Overall – 10


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