I guess you could best describe KUON as three adventures in one, as you have to play through the game three times with three different characters to get the full story.
Based in feudal Japan, you start off with two characters to select from, each with their own path to play through, though they do interact with each other in the game from time to time. Once you beat the game with both of them, a third character will be available for you to play through with to get the complete story.
There’s a bit of a Fatal Frame-type feel to the game as you run around the huge demon-infested ancient Japanese estate. Objects in the background will mess with your senses from time to time, like corpses falling from the ceiling, or shadows disappearing as you turn a corner.
The graphics in this game are very good. The gloomy atmosphere is well represented as you walk around an estate strewn with blood and corpses. The lighting effects are really good and the characters are very detailed. I can even forgive them for making the characters speak without opening their mouths. The characters even moves realistically, if not a bit clunky based on the attire they are wearing. But one fun detail I’ll give props for is that the bodies of defeated enemies will stay where they lay.
Audio-wise, it’s mostly silent for the most part save for the ambiance of the area your in. But there are some haunting tunes like when you hear the children singing or traditional Japanese instrumental stuff that adds to the fear factor of the game.
I think the only shortcoming of the game is the gameplay. Like I mentioned earlier, the characters move rather clunky due to the detailed movements they have, but when it comes to fighting enemies, it can be a bit hard at times. You can equip your character with two weapons, either a hand combat weapon and a magic spell with magic cards you pickup throughout the game, or you can equip two magic spell attacks. The magic spells are limited, so it’s always best to keep a combat weapon handy. The problem is that the characters reach is really short and you have to get in really close to use the hand weapons, and the time it takes to execute the attack is really slow, so if you miss, you leave yourself open to attack. The magic spells are easier as some of them will chase down it’s target, and some require precise aim.
Overall, this is a very good survival horror game. The story will keep you drawn in to see how it turns out, though the only other complaint I do have other than the controls is that it can be quite short even if you do have to beat the game three times.
I definitely recommend this to survival horror buffs like myself to give it a spin. Hopefully a sequel of some sort is in the works.

Graphics – 9
Sound – 9
Gameplay – 7
Lifespan – 7
Overall – 7


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