First Impression: Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny follows in line with 3D oriental fantasy action-adventure slasher games like Genji and Bujingai. Basic and standard story of a lone swordsman who returns home after a long training journey to find the dojo of his master under attack by demons, and finds his master slain and his master's daughter kidnapped by said demonic bad guys, and our hero is now off on a quest to rescue said daughter.
Storyline redundancy aside, the game at least looks good. But when you actually play the game is where you start noticing problems. You have control of the camera, but the camera movement just can't seem to keep up with your characters quick movements at times resulting in the obvious blindsiding enemy attacks. You could probably zip by most of the game if it wasn't a requirement to defeat enemies to allow you to pass to the next area. There's also the learning curve of getting the timing right to continue your air combos. They look cool when you pull them off, but frustrating when you can't and your just slowly gliding down.
And of course like most translated games, the english voice acting is really horrible. You have a badass looking main character, but when he starts to speak he sounds like a kid. All the voices just sound really bad, and it really would have benefited to have the option of switching the voices from english to the original Japanese voices.
Right now, I'm not even sure if I want to continue playing this dreck to give it a full review as it's just boring routine run, fight, open door, recycle etc. I'll probably just drop it and move on. I don't think I'd even recommend this unless you really like repetitive games of this genre.


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