Second Opinion: Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Well I FINALLY finished this one last night after taking an almost 1 month break from playing it. I can't believe I actually started playing this one around December LAST YEAR, and even it took me this long to get around to completing it with an in game time of around 92 HOURS.
There isn't really more to add from my original review last year. Other than maybe gamers could lose interest midway through like I did because of all the running back and forth you have to do throughout the game. Even when you get transport to send you somewhere, there's still a lot of walking involved to get to where you actually want to go! It doesn't help that the in game map is crap as they don't show you the whole world you traverse, but just a bit of it, so if you get lost of lose your way you waste even more time running around just so you can see which position on the map you are and how far you are from where you need to go!
Another thing to comment on is that after all the Hell you go through to finish the game, the final boss battle comes of as dissapointingly easy, and the game ending is really crappy and not worth the time you'll spend to get there. You don't even get any hidden extras or bonuses for finishing the game, unless I maybe need a faster finishing time, but I doubt I'll be playing through this from the beginning again.
Overall, I think I'd drop the overall rating for this one from a 6 to an average 5. If they can speed up the battle system, fix the map, give you controls of the in game camera, and improve on the horrendous voice acting, they could have a serious contender if they choose to make any more Magna Carta games.


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