Super Robot Wars Alpha Portable (PSP)

I remember playing and finishing the GBA version of this game at least twice, but this new incarnation is a whole different monster. Sure it's basically the same game over and over, but it's still fun to play!

The main gripe would be the challenge that comes with this one. The difficulty level on this one is really high and some levels you'll definitely have to make a few run throughs before figuring out the best strategy or realizing you need more money to upgrade your robots to stand a better chance of surviving. More often than not, you'll find yourself with a 70%-80% chance of hitting your opponent, but you'll still miss! This will force you to use your pilots abilities like the 100% hit aim to take out the more powerful bosses.

Another thing to note is that a game like this is what portable gaming is made for! So this is highly recommended! Super Robot Wars MX portable is out now also, but I intend to finish this before getting to that.

Game Rating: 8/10



Harvey Birdman - Attorney At Law (PS2/PSP)

Having never played any of the Phoenix Wright games, I'm guessing this is the same thing, but in a more comical way. Playing as Harvey, you try to solve 6 cases by searching around for clues, questioning suspects, as well as presenting evidence in court. It's funny the first time around, but there isn't much variety to the game. Sure, you can unlock some hidden video clips depending on the choices you make, but I really don't have a strong urge to basically play through the same scenarios over and over again. Definitely more of a rental than a purchase title.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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