Gundam Musou 2 aka Dynasty Warriors Gundam (PS2)

Using Gundam robots in a Dynasty Warriors like setting is a natural fit. If you've played any of the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games, you should be able to jump right in this one as the games are near identical.

Off the bat, the first thing you'll notice is just how badly the english voice acting is. I really wish there was an option to use either english or the original Japanese voices.

There doesn't seem to be any slow down so far when battling the hordes of enemies, but don't be surprised to see them just pop up out of thin air. The boss battles where you fight giant enemy robots are pretty cool too. I'm hoping those are unlockable to play with as well.

There's a good selection of pilots and Gundams to choose from at the start, and various things to unlock by playing though the game, as well as upgrading your robots and leveling up your pilots. There's plenty to keep you occupied in single player mode.

Overall, Gundam fans will definitely want to check this out.

Rating: 8/10