Kamen no Maid Guy - Boyoyon Battle Royal (PSP)

Based on the anime and manga of the same name, the simple concept of the game can be really frustrating at times due difficulty against certain AI opponents as well as not being able to undertand Japanese for some of the mini-games.

After a pretty long intro, taken straight from the anime, you pick a player and have to fight against the other characters with a bizzare range of weapons designed to embarrass them if they get hit by them. For example, throwing an octopus at them would result in a kind of tentacle rape scene, or stuffing them into tight fitting bikinis. And while all this is going on, you need to collect coins that pop up here and there, and you attack your opponent to make them drop their coins which you can pick up as well, but they can do the same to you. Once you collect enough coins, you still have to play a mini game to actually win the fight. These weird mini games range from climbing a giant maid to clean off germs and bacteria to force feeding a tied up character horrible food concoctions. If you make the required amount of points in the given time limit, you win, and move on to the next opponent. If you don't fulfil the quota, you have to fight the opponent again for coins to earn the right to go through the whole mini game all over again.

The fights can be really frustrating as your opponent picks up weapons and attacks you at will, leaving you almost defenseless. If you lose these coin fights, you have to play somekind of RPG type battle mini game where you have to pick from a choice of Japanese words to damage your opponent. If you don't understand how to read Japanese, the only way to win here is through sheer dumb luck, and this makes it really frustrating.

Your reward for beating the game is basically unlocking animated scenes and pictures of the characters in the game. But the game will test your patience with how frustrating it can get at times.

Game Rating: 5/10