10 Most Violent Video Games

The Family Media Guide released it's list of top 10 most violent video games to come out this year. They didn't give a specific in numerical order, but check out their picks and judge for yourself.

Resident Evil 4--"Player is a Special Forces agent sent to recover the President's kidnapped daughter. During the first minutes of play, it's possible to find the corpse of a woman pinned up on a wall--by a pitchfork through her face."

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas--"Player is a young man working with gangs to gain respect. His mission includes murder, theft, and destruction on every imaginable level. Player recovers his health by visiting prostitutes then recovers funds by beating them to death and taking their money. Player can wreak as much havoc as he likes without progressing through the game's storyline."

God of War--"Player becomes a ruthless warrior, seeking revenge against the gods who tricked him into murdering his own family. Prisoners are burned alive and player can use 'finishing moves' to kill opponents, like tearing a victim in half."

NARC--"Player can choose between two narcotics agents attempting to take a dangerous drug off the streets and shut down the KRAK cartel while being subject to temptations including drugs and money. To enhance abilities, player takes drugs including pot, Quaaludes, ecstasy, LSD, and 'Liquid Soul'--which provides the ability to kick enemies' heads off."

Killer 7--"Player takes control of seven assassins who must combine skills to defeat a band of suicidal, monstrous terrorists. The game eventually escalates into a global conflict between the US and Japan. Player collects the blood of fallen victims to heal himself and must slit his own wrists to spray blood to find hidden passages."

The Warriors--"Based on a '70s action flick that set new standards for 'artistic violence,' a street gang battles its way across NYC in an attempt to reach its home turf. Player issues several commands to his gang, including 'mayhem,' which causes the gang to smash everything in sight."

50 Cent: Bulletproof--"Game is loosely based on the gangster lifestyle of rapper Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson. Player engages in gangster shootouts and loots the bodies of victims to buy new 50 Cent recordings and music videos."

Crime Life: Gang Wars--"Player is the leader of a ruthless street gang, spending time fighting, recruiting new gangsters, looting, and of course, more fighting. Player can roam the streets and fight or kill anyone in sight for no apparent reason."

Condemned: Criminal Origins--"Player is an FBI serial killer hunter in one of the first titles for the Xbox 360. Game emphasizes the use of melee weapons over firearms, allowing players to use virtually any part of their environment as a weapon. The next-generation graphics provide a new level of detail to various injuries, especially 'finishing moves.'"

True Crime: New York City--"Player is a NYC cop looking for information regarding the mysterious death of a friend. Player can plant evidence on civilians and shake them down to earn extra money."



Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
I haven't played a good RPG game since Shadow Hearts: Covenant last year. I'm not into those RPGs that feature the kiddy kiddy like characters who look like children, so I was happy to see an RPG game where the characters were all adults and looked like adults. I'm not sure about the plot or anything, but like most RPGs, expect it to be about a hero seeking revenge on the bad guys and going on a quest to find the one weapon that can defeat the bad guys.

King Kong
Based on the new Peter Jackson movie and being heavilly praised by game critics as a great gaming experiance, I'll save my review of this for after I actually watch the film so as not to spoil anything for myself.

Demolition Girl

There are only two reasons for when I get a review of a new game out this quickly: 1) The game is too short, and 2) The game SUCKS. Demolition Girl falls along these lines.
Rina Futube is a bikini model who comes in contact with some strange alien jellyfish like thingy, the result of this contact turns our idol into a 50-foot clueless bikini-clad giant. The game involves you taking the controls of several military vehicles to keep her in check as she roams the city and country side, problem is, the whole game plays out in six very short missions, to which you could probably beat the game in an hour or two tops. Here's a rundown of the six missions.
Mission 1: Piloting a helicopter, you have to scan Rina and collect data. Meaning you fly around her and fire a scan beam at her various body parts in a certain time limit.
Mission 2: Again in a chopper, you fly around Rina shooting her with aesthetic to put her to sleep. Again, shooting specific body parts in a time limit.
Mission 3: Aliens attacking the choppers transporting the giant sleeping model. Take control of a fighter plane and shoot down a certain number of aliens.
Mission 4: Aliens have taken control of Rina, and it's your job to pilot a chopper and attack the alien symbiote attached to her head.
Mission 5: Chasing her in a Tank, you have to slow her down as she races to the city to buy time for the city to evacuate.
Mission 6: She's climbing up a tall building being drawn to an alien at the top. Fire the antidote at her to shrink her back down to size while avoiding the alien's attacks, than take out the alien itself to win the game.
Overall, the game is just really short and without any additional bonuses like the option of free roaming the city as Rina to wreak havoc severely limits any long term fun with this one.

Game Ratings:
Graphics - 5
Sound - 5
Gameplay - 4
Lifespan - 2
Overall - 3



Princess Allura is in a pinch. Accused of killing her father the king, she's now a fugitive hiding out from hunters after her head. The thing is, now she's stuck in a mansion doing the bidding of some fiend who endows her with evil magic powers to trap enemies to be sacrificed to him. So your running around a mansion being chased and leading your persuers into traps you set up. More to come.

Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented
The 3rd installment to the scariest (in my opinion) survival horror game series ever, you play as this girl investigating a house where a picture of her dead boyfriend was taken. More ghost photo capturing fun to come! Maybe I should finish Crimson Butterfly before starting on this one?

WWE Smackdown! VS RAW 2006
The latest installment in the long running WWE game series. Will it live up to past titles in the series and fix the flaws from the previous game?


Shadow of the Colossus

This game is a simply INCREDIBLE work of art! I’ve played a lot of games this year, but so far nothing has quite impressed me as Shadow of Colossus has!
The story of the game is that you play the role of a young warrior who enters a forbidden shrine to seek help from the spirits trapped there to bring this girl back to life. In return for the deed, he has to slay the 16 colossi spread throughout the land. Remember the Titan in God of War with the temple on his back you had to climb? Now imagine a whole game where your objective is hunt down and defeat 16 of those huge monsters all by yourself!
As soon as the game starts your drawn into the story and the simply BEAUTIFUL graphics of the land you run around in, and that’s NOTHING compared to the HUGE colossus you have to battle when you first encounter them! You will be simply amazed at the detail that goes into creating these huge beasts and impressed with the lack of ANY loading time in the game once you get started. Every colossus has its own distinct look and attack pattern, and it can be a challenge in itself to figure out how to beat them.
Your armed only with a sword and a bow & arrow set to defeat the colossi, and they all have one weak point you have to find on their body to attack and damage them. And it’s a task in itself to get to that weak point once you find it as you’ll always have to find a way to mount the giants and climb or crawl to the weak spot so you can stab it with your sword repeatedly to finally drop the goliaths. Some of them will require you to find more than one weak spot to assault, but you’ll always be in for a heck of a ride as hitting these vital areas will cause the colossi to shake and jerk around in an effort to throw you off. I’m just surprised none of them have to brains to swat at you with their titanic hands.
Battling the colossi are one thing, but just finding them can be a task in itself. They are scattered throughout the HUGE environment, and all you have to find them is your sword which also acts as a compass to reflect the sunlight and guide you in the direction you need to go. This one part of the game can sometimes feel frustrating as you’ll find yourself running in circles trying to find a way to go in the direction indicated by the light beam.
Other than that, this game is actually quite short and most gamers could probably finish it in a couple of days. But finishing the game unlocks the Hard mode, as well as a time attack mode meaning you can go back and battle each colossi again without playing the game all over again.
If your looking for a truly unique gaming experience, than I highly recommend adding this to your game collection. This is the type of game every gamer needs to play and experience.

Graphics – 10
Sound – 9
Gameplay – 9
Lifespan – 9
Overall – 10