Ghostbusters: The Game (PS2)

The Ghostbusters return! I would have rather it been an actual movie, but this is the next best thing since they assembled the original cast to voice the characters with a story that could easily have been a movie itself.

You play as an un-named cadet recruited to help the guys out. Due to the hardware limitations of the PS2, you don't get the actual likeness of the actors, but instead a more cartoon-like look, with Bill Murray's Peter Venkmen looking the least like the actual character I remember. At least his humour is still there.

Gameplay is a mostly rinse, wash, repeat cycle. Track down a ghost, weaken it with blasts from your proton pack, but capture it in the trap. VERY repetative. But you'll probably still play through it to see how the story unfolds. At least the boss battles change things up a bit, like catching debris thrown by the State Puff Marshmallow Man and tossing it back at him to knock him off the side of the building he's climbing up to get to you.

Overall, this is a game that caters to fans of the franchise. Hardcore gamers might be wary of the repeatativeness of the gameplay. But if you've ever wanted a game as close to the movie we all know and love, this is it!

Game Rating: 7/10